Dual Credit/Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment at Munster High School

Concurrent enrollment allows Munster High School students to complete high school classes for college credit.  Munster partners with three universities and colleges to offer these opportunities.

Information for Parents


2017-2018 Dual Credit Announcement


Ivy Tech Community College

Munster High School has entered into a more extensive partnership with Ivy Tech Community College so that our students maintain access to dual credit.  Dual credit courses allow MHS students to earn high school and college credit at the same time.  These courses are embedded within Munster High School courses, and there is no additional coursework required.  All courses offered through Ivy Tech are free to students.  Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are all eligible to apply for dual credit through Ivy Tech as long as they meet the requirements.  Students will complete an application in class that requires their social security numbers.  From there, student test scores are examined.  Students are then directly admitted or asked to participate in Accuplacer testing to prove eligibility. 

Both the letter grade and credit are transcripted on an Ivy Tech transcript, and these courses will also appear on the MHS transcript.   Only whole letter grades are transcripted, so an “A-” becomes an “A,” or a “B+” becomes a “B.”  These courses will allow your student to begin his/her college transcript while still in high school.  Because of this, we encourage all students to dedicate themselves to their dual credit courses so that their college GPAs begin strong.  Students struggling in dual credit courses should consider dropping the dual credit enrollment at the quarter/semester so that lower grades will not impact them negatively in the long term. 

Students partaking in dual credit through Ivy Tech are not enrolling in Ivy Tech, but they are participating in dual credit through Ivy Tech.  These credits transfer not just to Ivy Tech but to other Indiana colleges and universities as well.  If you have questions about how a specific course will transfer to a specific school, we encourage you to contact the admissions office(s) of the school(s) you have in mind.  You can share with them the Ivy Tech course number, and admissions can share how that credit will be accepted.  Ultimately, MHS will share a list of how these credits transfer to Indiana schools. 

If your student missed the opportunity to apply in class, he/she may do so at the following link:  (Please make sure it says Dual Credit App.)

New Courses: English 11, Trigonometry

Purdue University Northwest

Purdue Northwest instituted a number of local decisions that have changed the structure of our dual credit agreement.  Munster will continue to work with Purdue Northwest for AP English only.  Both of these courses are worth ENGL 104 moving forward.  The cost remains $75 total.  The dual credit option is only available to juniors and seniors.  As a dual credit partner, Purdue has the right to institute timelines on teacher credentialing for dual credit courses.  Since an earlier timeline has been implemented, a number of Indiana schools have shifted their dual credit programs to Ivy Tech.  If your students attend a Purdue school, the PNW letter grade and credits will transfer.  If you students attend a non-Purdue school, the credits will transfer. Credits earned previously through PNW dual credit are still viable, transcripted credits. 


Vincennes University

Vincennes will continue to offer dual credit for our Web Design course.  The cost is $75, and registration will be in class.  Only students who are juniors and seniors are eligible for the dual credit option per Vincennes. 


AP and Dual Credit

Both Advanced Placement and dual credit allow students to earn college credit while in high school.  AP awards credit if students earn a high enough score on an AP exam administered in May.  Dual credit is awarded by enrolling in the program and successfully completing the course. Students can choose to enroll in some courses for dual credit while agreeing to take the exam for others.  Students can enroll in a class for dual credit and then also take the exam in spring.  The DOE subsidizes math, science, English, and computer science exams.  As a result, the cost of the exams is about $10 apiece. 


Academic Honors Diplomas

About 50-60% of MHS students graduate with an Academic Honors Diploma.  For an Academic Honors diploma, students must do one of the following:

·         earn 4 credits in 2 or more AP courses and take the corresponding exams

·         earn 6 transferable dual credits (2 courses)

·         earn 3 transferable dual credits (1 course); complete 2 credits in an AP class and take the exam.

Munster Advice

We encourage students to participate in the dual credit program especially since the cost for many courses is now free.  Ivy Tech has offerings that begin freshmen year, which is a unique opportunity for families.  Students need to think about their college GPAs in this process.  Students are encouraged to drop if their high school letter grade is less than their desired college GPA.  Dual credits can transfer directly as a credit and degree requirement or they can also transfer as undistributed credits.  Either way, the credits transfer and help students in some capacity.  It remains a family decision for students to participate in dual credit, but we encourage families to do so.   Often, we have heard that families are glad that they participated in dual credit. 


There will be a Parent Dual Credit evening on September 19th, in the LGI at 6:30 pm.

Ivy Tech will also speak to parents at the PTO meeting on Wednesday, October 4th at 7:00 pm.