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Red/White Calendars

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Red and White March Calendar



WWMS and MHS - an Interpreter for the Deaf is available for the Open House, please contact Dominique Mercier at damercier@munster.us if needed.
Academic Awards

Health Department - https://youtu.be/Ow2XbYBxZIQ

Music Department - https://youtu.be/cnjibBtQ1eM

Computer Science Department - https://youtu.be/AtT4whnJhj0

Math Department - https://youtu.be/P09pCKymVpA 

Science Department - https://youtu.be/PuzxfD51F9A

Social Studies Department - https://youtu.be/kT28x8J0vdA

Foreign Language Department - https://youtu.be/K7itqz6lejE

Business Department - https://youtu.be/xQkSF2LExfI

Marketing Department - https://youtu.be/9vHHbk4DoB4


8th Grade Parent Night

Munster Families:


Due to COVID-19 concerns, we were unable to host our 8th Grade Parent Meeting in the high school Auditorium.

To take the place of that meeting, we have recorded the presentation and posted it to YouTube to watch.  The entire video is about an hour and a half.  You are welcome to watch the video in one sitting, or you can watch it in segments.


To watch the presentation, please click below:



After you’ve watched the presentation, we’d like you to complete your scheduling sheet and email it to your respective high school counselor.  If you have a scanner at home and can scan the document, that would be best.  If you don’t have access to a scanner, please just take a good photo of the scheduling sheet and email that to your counselor.

If you have questions prior to submitting your paperwork, that’s okay!  You can email your counselor and ask clarifying questions before you pencil in your selections.  Parents ask great questions at this event, and we want to make sure we answer all your questions.



Alpha Assignment


Phone Extension


Robert Snyder

Asst. Principal





Chrisanne Terry

Schl. Counselor




click to schedule meeting

Peter Gregory

Schl. Counselor




click to schedule meeting

Elizabeth Keleher

Schl. Counselor




click to schedule meeting

Sarah O’Brien

Schl. Counselor




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Lisa Oommen

Schl. Counselor




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We have some documents to help with your course selections.  Please feel free to use these to make the process easier.

Supporting Documents

20-21 Course Guide: This document holds all the course descriptions, prerequisites, and requirements.  You can also review diploma requirements, programs at the ACC (Jr/Sr only), and dual credit opportunities.

8th Grade Parent Power PointThis is the PowerPoint Presentation from the video.  If you want to look back at the PowerPoint without the narration, or if you want to move through at your own pace, it is attached.

Four Year Plan:  This is the 4-Year Plan Sheet we talk about during the presentation.  Sometimes it’s nice to sketch out all 4 years so that you can see where all the classes will fit.  It’s not required, but it can help.

9th Grade Course Selection Sheet: This is a one page snapshot of classes for incoming freshmen.  If the Course Guide is too overwhelming, this is a great document to review.

9th Grade Scheduling SheetThis is the sheet to complete and scan to your counselor. 

  • Enter your student’s name and current school
  • Check a diploma type
  • Enter a math class (Algebra, Geometry, etc.)
  • Enter a science class (Biology, Earth-Space Science, Chemistry)
    • Some students double-up in science and take PLTW Principles of Bio-Med with an above class.
  • You can cross out PE 1 if you plan on taking that in summer school and add another class in its place.
  • Add 3 classes
  • There is no need to add a lunch.We will take care of that!
  • Add at least 2 Alternate Classes
    • AP Computer Science Principles is a very popular class.If you select this as a course, please make sure that you have an alternate listed.
  • If a student is enrolled at WWMS and earning a B- or higher in an honors class, you can enter “Honors” next to your selections for English, math, and science.
  • New to district students will have testing data reviewed for honors placement.

Freshmen Science Class OptionsSince students can take different science classes in 8th grade, we made a document that helps with selecting your freshmen science class(es).

FAQ: This is a Word doc of some frequently asked questions.  This reiterates some key points from the presentation.  We can add additional items to this if families need clarification on this. 

High Ability HandbookThis is located on the district website.  Academics – Instructional Programs – High Ability.  Then click on the tile for the Handbook.

New to District: Click here for the enrollment procedures for New to District Families.

We want this process to be as stress-free as possible, so please contact us with your questions.  We are here to help, even if that needs to be remotely for the time being.

We wish for the continued health and happiness of our Munster Family, and we hope that you all have a Mustang Day