Dual Credit PNW


Please note that classes are subject to change on a yearly basis due to licensing requirements.

Munster High School has a partnership with Purdue University Northwest for the delivery of the following classes:

1.       AP English Literature and Composition (ENGL 231)

2.       AP English Language and Composition (ENGL 104)

3.       AP Statistics (STAT 301)

(Seniors during the 2020-2021 school year who have already earned ENG 104 during junior year, will now earn ENG 231 for AP English Language and Composition.)



§  Only juniors and seniors are eligible for dual credit through Purdue.

§  Applications are due to Purdue Northwest before the close of the previous school year.

§  Students interested in dual credit for the 20-21 school year must have submitted their applications and registration forms by May of 2020.

§  Students should be mindful of the MHS deadline for these applications.  MHS needs time to process applications before releasing them to Purdue.

§  First-time students must complete an application and registration form. These forms can be found either in the guidance office or in the weekly emailed Guidance Update which all students receive each Friday morning.

§  Returning students must complete a registration form.

§  Students are required to report current test scores (PSAT, SAT, ACT) and their GPA.

§  Students must have a CORE GPA of 3.0 to be admitted.

§  Not all students will be approved for dual credit.  Approval is at the discretion of the awarding institution.

§  Students will verify their enrollment in the fall of the following year.  Students have the opportunity to drop at this time if they prefer.

§  For 2020-21, Purdue representatives will visit dual credit classes to present to students.


Academic Probation

§  Grades earned in Purdue dual credit classes will remain within the Purdue system.

§  Students who take dual credit in high school and then enroll in a Purdue school will be continuing their GPA and credit counts.

§  Students who fall below a GPA of 2.0 in classes will be placed on academic probation.

§  Advice: Students should only remain in Purdue Dual Credit classes if earning a B or higher.  This is at the discretion of the student and family, though.

§  Purdue grades mirror high school grades in that pluses and minuses are used and factored.

§  Students who fail dual credit classes will be required to pay readmission fees.

§  Being on probation can affect admissions decisions to any Purdue campus as well as financial aid.



§  There is a $75 fee for dual credit courses through Purdue ($25 per credit hour). AP Statistics is classified as "non-priority" and will cost each student $315.00.

§  Statements will be mailed to the student’s home from Purdue in the fall. Munster will neither bill nor receive payment for these Purdue courses.

§  Students will be withdrawn from courses for lack of payment.



·         Transcripts will be prepared sometime in the month of July.

·         Courses will also be listed on the MHS transcript.

·         Information for requesting/releasing a transcript is listed below.


Purdue Northwest Contacts

Peter Bailey (Undergraduate Admissions) (pgbailey@pnw.edu) (219-785-5590)

Rachel Clark (Concurrent Enrollment) (raweaver@pnw.edu) (219-785-5236)



§  Application

§  Registration Form

§  Reasons to Enroll in Dual Credit

§  Transcript Request Form

§  Accessing Your Purdue Transcript

§  Purdue Drop Form