Accuplacer Testing

The College Board’s Accuplacer assessment is part of Public Law 268-2013, the College and Career Readiness Assessment Implementation.  Students were required to participate in this assessment starting in the 2013-2014 school year.  Schools are required to analyze PSAT scores and to administer the Accuplacer to students who do achieve state-designated benchmarks on the PSAT. 

Students can be required to test in Reading Comprehension only, Mathematics only, or both. 

The version of the test that students complete is used as a placement test at Ivy Tech Community College.  The test is administered online on student laptops.

The purpose of this assessment is to measure student academic progress beyond performance on End of Course Assessments.  In other words, how do students perform after their ECAs?  

Students are encouraged to use Khan Academy to remediate skill deficits that are highlighted by PSAT and Accuplacer results. 

Accuplacer Part 1 Testing

This November window is for current juniors (class of 2018) and based on sophomore PSAT scores from the fall of 2015. 

Reading Comprehension

  • Required for students who scored below a 21 in the Test Score for Reading
  • Passing score is a 69 or higher
  • 40 questions

Elementary Algebra

  • Required for students who scored below a 40 in Math
  • Passing score is a 92 or higher
  • Test is divided into two parts
  • If students perform well on the first 12 questions, they pass and complete the assessment.
  • Others are directed to complete another 24-32 questions.
    • 92 and up – Ready for College Math       
    • 45  to  91 – Likely Ready for College Math (retest senior year)
    • 20   to 44 – Not currently ready for College Math (retest senior year)

Accuplacer Part 2 Testing

This February window is for both junior and senior students who did not pass during previous administrations of Accuplacer.  The passing scores and test details remain the same as the first window. 



Students can be exempted from testing if they have demonstrated College and Career Readiness on another major assessment.  End of Course Assessments do not count.  New PSAT scores do not count.

Reading Scores     SAT Critical Reading Score of 460+   OR    ACT English 17+ & Reading 18+
 Math Scores        SAT Math Score of 460+    OR  ACT Math 18+
 AP Grades   

Students earning an A/B in AP Psych, AP Human Geo, or AP English can be exempted from the Reading Comprehension Test.




Accuplacer Practice