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2023-2024 Munster High School - US Government Naturalization Exam Report

Each student enrolled in a US Government course where credit is award for General, Core 40, Core 40 with Academic Honors, or Core 40 with Technical Honors designation is required to take the naturalization examination provided by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services as administered by the student’s high school.  The test is taken each semester and in both US Government and AP US Government. 

Students do not need to pass the exam in order to pass the US Government course, and retests are not required.  Schools are required to publish these results on the school’s website.  A score of 60% is considered passing. This pertains to Indiana Code (IC 20-30-5-7(d)).

2023-2024 School Results

For the entire 23-24 school year, 408 students completed the exam.  Three-hundred and seventy-four (374) students passed the exam (91.67%).  Thirty-four (34) students did not pass the exam (8.33%). 

2023-24 Naturalization Test Results


2023-24 Naturalization Test Results - Graph

2023 Summer School Results

Munster students can enroll in Government as a summer school course.  It is taken for both acceleration purposes and for remediation if a student does not pass Government during senior year.  There were thirty students enrolled in the class for the 2023 summer school session.  Twenty-nine (29) students passed the exam (96.67%).  One (1) student did not pass the exam (3.33%).  No students were absent.  Their results are included in the 23-24 school year totals.

2023-24 Naturalization Test Results for Summer School