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Attendance Information

Leaving Early

To inform the school of an early release request, the attendance office needs to be notified by the first bell - by 9 AM at the latest on the day of the absence. This can be done by notifying attendance with a phone call, voice mail, email or sending in a signed note. All medical absences need to be verified with a medical note and turned into the attendance office within 5 days of the appointment/absence. 

Early Release Pass

Once a verified early request has been made, an early release pass will be given to the student for the designated time and date. We encourage this to be during our passing periods. Students leave from Door A only and are released after they show their pass to the main office. Parents do not need to come in and sign their student out. 

Absent or Late to School

Please notify the attendance office within 24 hours of an absence or to excuse a late arrival. Otherwise, they are unexcused. 

*Per the student handbook
Students can only miss up to 7 classes per semester, after that discipline consequences are given. 

MHS Attendance Office

Attendance Secretary:  
Alexandra Marich

Direct Line: