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IDEA - Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Awareness



Goal #1

School Town of Munster to be recognized as a school that celebrates diversity as a strength. Foster a better sense of community among all cultures and socio-economic levels. Celebrating Cultural Holidays, such as Women’s History Month, Black History Month, and Day of the Dead with decorations, announcements and events.


Goal #2

Establish a Mission Statement for our group.  Expand communication from our group – print, video or podcast and distribute to students, teachers, and all stakeholders.


Goal #3

Formal and frequent feedback from students. Changes can happen immediately as opposed to at the end of the year. Regular surveys for students to critique and provide feedback.


Goal #4

Frequent and intentional time for all staff to reflect on student learning, relationship-building, and confronting any personal biases that could impact their relationships with their students. Finding resources. Develop teachers’ abilities to have difficult conversations and to create classrooms that are inclusive. 


Goal #5

Explore the districts In-School and Out-of-School suspension numbers and explore alternative “discipline” measures used in other districts around the state and country. Where can we improve? How have other districts implemented their programs?