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Welcome Munster HS Class of 2028

Scheduling Resources

The four years of high school are an exciting part of your educational journey! The choices you make now can lead to successful and enjoyable careers and experiences later in life. Students and their families should put time and thought into their school schedule each year. Be sure to use the resources here to explore the course offerings available to help you develop your academic strengths, personal interests and career dreams and goals!

Additional Resources

Bob Snyder
Assistant Principal
219.836.3200 ext. 3324

Chrisanne Terry
Counselor for A - Co
219.836.3200 ext. 3210

Peter Gregory
Counselor for Cp - Hi
219.836.3200 ext. 3409

Liz Keleher
Counselor for Hj - Mn
219.836.3200 ext. 3434

Cynthia Kielbasa
Counselor for Mo - Sa
219.836.3200 ext. 3212

Kristen Salan
Counselor for Sc - Z
219.836.3200 ext. 3365

Kristan Reed
School Service Provider
219.836.3200 ext. 3213

Nikki Olson
219.836.3200 ext. 3208

Maureen Gaither
Guidance Assistant/Aide
219.836.3200 ext. 3207